Karen Whitman



Karen is a dressage trainer and teaches students of all ages and abilities, from beginner to the FEI levels.She has students show from training level to FEI.  Karen has coached 3 Jr/YR individuals to the national championships in Kentucky.  Her goal is for her students to learn in a fun and challenging environment, whether or not they want to show.

Karen brings 26 years of horse experience and 15 years of training experience to Singletree Farm.  Karen brings her enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to her training, showing and coaching program. Karen continues her education through clinics to produce the best in competition and assure her clients achieve their goals.  She also participates in USDF Instructor/ Trainer and Judges Forums, and trains regularly with Sue Halasz.  Karen has ridden with Conrad Schumacher, Kathy Connelly, Jane Savoie and Christine Traurig.  


Karen is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist. She and her students have won numerous high point, regional and national awards in the dressage arena.

Other Qualifications: 

BS in Animal Science, Cornell University


I can't say enough good things about training with Karen Whitman.  She is always prepared for each lesson, somehow having found time to think about my current challenges and how to help me succeed.   She expects me to work up to my potential and strive for repeatability when we get something right.  She makes me push the envelope, but is also relentless in trying to find new ways to help me move ahead and master a particular challenge.  She makes even the tough times in dressage seem manageable and fun.  She has as much energy for her students late in the day as she does for the first one in the morning. She knows when to encourage and when to push.   I can't imagine a more committed and caring trainer. 

- Beth     

My horse and I began working with Karen in 2003.  With patience, good humor, and a discerning eye for detail, she took us back to basics and has brought us past what I ever hoped we could achieve. 

- Susan

Karen has been my instructor for 10 years. She is first and formost a great teacher, rider and businesswoman.  She is a no nonsense, down to business,  lets learn, and accomplish (while having fun) teacher/trainer. She treats all her students/clients the same, no matter their riding level or current goal.  Karen is always giving me 100% of herself during my lessons. Best of all,  Karen is still a student herself and is continuously looking for ways to improve her skills in riding and teaching in order to reach her own set of goals, while her students hang on to her coat tail.

- Mary

     I enjoy riding with Karen because she lets me laugh during my lesson.  I'm so excited with the progress I've made with her as my teacher and I've had tons of fun along the way.  More importantly, my horse really likes her too.

- Christi



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